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Your generous contribution allows us to purchase the materials for fixing up the apartments of the needy.  

Donations are tax-deductible in Israel, according to Seif 46 of the Tax Authorities.  


A receipt for every donation is sent via e-mail or regular mail as you prefer.

Ishur Seif 46

(Tax-Deductible Status)

Ishur - Nihul Takin

(Properly Managed

Non-Profit Status)

אייקון כרטיס אשראי
One-time Donation via Credit Card
Monthly Donation via Credit Card
Bank Transfer

Bank Mizrachi (Bank # 20)

Bank Branch (Snif) 403

Account #:  694984

Account Name:  Project Yadayim (פרויקט ידיים)

אייקון תרומה טלפונית
Donation via phone

Leave your details and we'll contact you.

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