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לגו פרויקט ידיים

"Hands-on" Project

The Hands-on Project - Transforming Talent Into Giving!

Our pool of talented volunteers - each with a good set of hands - fix up apartments for the poor and needy.


The volunteers come from all walks of Israeli life, from all ages, and all backgrounds.


The common denominator:  Handyman (and handywomen) who enjoy using their abilities and tools to help others with all of their heart.   


Every family and every apartment is a world unto itself.  Before every job, we meet the family, understand the apartment's issues, and build a total game plan.


Experience has taught us that with proper planning, some creativity, and solid teamwork, in a matter of several hours, a family's home can receive a total makeover and bring instant happiness to the family.

Holocaust Survivors
New Immigrants
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Amazing Experience, Tremendous Satisfaction, The Results...

A Happy Home...

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