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Who we are

יאיר מאיר

Yair Meir

Born in 1949, Married to Chaya, father of 7, grandfather of many grandchildren  - may they continue to increase.  

One of the original pioneers in the Binyamin region, lives in Kochav HaShachar

Professional work: Worked in Machon Tzomet: Project Manager of Technology and Torah projects, handy-man from birth, inspired by my Mom.

חיים מירון

Chaim Miron

64, Married to Miriam,father of 4, grandfather of 10 lovable grandchildren. Made Aliyah from France in 1972 as a volunteer soldier.

Profession: Economist and Building Engineer

דוד מוזס

David Mozes

34 Married to Diti, father of 3, lives in Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi

Profession: Fireman and Lecturer

We have joined together in this wonderful project of "achdut" - true brotherly love - volunteers fixing up apartments of the elderly and poor.   May we all merit to be on the side of the givers... Through this project, in reality, we actually all end up being the real winners...     

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